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52 things I know about words (and you should too): #2 Words Create Experience

Recently I lived two entirely different weekends in the same 48 hours.

Weekend one – The I did weekend

  • I connected with friends
  • I re-read a favorite book
  • I listened to the rain on my roof
  • I had a great coaching session with my personal trainer setting fitness goals and strategies
  • I went for a wonderful West Seattle walk with my new puppy Chloe.
  • I picked & ate some fresh blackberries
  • I had fish & chips outdoors with a wonderful view of downtown, and the nice lady at the restaurant give me a free glass of wine just because I was short on cash in my pocket
  • I wrote and posted a new blog post – an accomplishment weeks in the waiting
  • I bonded and did some training with Chloe
  • I did some much needed shopping

Weekend two – The I didn’t weekend

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5.5 lessons from a shy, scruffy, perfect pup about the power of words

This little scruff of fluff is my new BFF, Chloe. And, the story of how I got her taught me a lot (again) about the creative, god-like power of words.

Cliff notes version

No more than a week ago at lunch with co-workers they all talked about their dogs, and at the end I said in a very definitive voice,  “That’s it – I’m getting a dog!”  I’d been wanting a dog for several years, but for various reasons the time had never been right. But now, something in the conversation had moved me to step out and say it with conviction like I meant it. That declaration started a whirlwind series of events, that led to Chloe’s adoption exactly 7 days later.

“Really, what kind?” my co-workers asked.

“Well, I want a puppy. Female. Easy to train. I want a small dog that will be good company and a playmate for Sparky (my somewhat annoying, yet entertaining and lovable cat). Pretty sure I want a Havanese (non-shedding, non-allergenic, non-yappy). I want her to be black or have a lot of black. Preferably a rescue dog. For sure I don’t want to spend a fortune.” Continue reading


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