Hi, and welcome to ‘Words Are Little Gods.’ I’m Leisa LaDell.

This blog is first and foremost about my love affair with words. Not just any love affair, but a passionate, life-long love affair with the beauty and power of words. I talk, share and muse about the power that words give us to shape our selves, our lives and our world.

My hope and intention is that in my contemplations and conversations, you will hear something that touches you, moves you, inspires or awakens you to better harness the power of words in your life.

You may also hear me talk about some other stuff I like: skiing, sailing, mountain biking, my sweet dog Chloe, my annoying, yet lovable cat, Sparky, weather in Seattle, a current fascination – neuroscience (or anything with the prefix neuro in it), my longing for more travel, my quest for fitness and fat-burning, my love of wine and living near the water.

You’ll probably like it here if one or more of these rings true

  • You are some kind of word nerd – writer, editor, teacher, linguist, reader, enthusiast
  • You lean toward the pull of possibility – you’re a glass half-full type, or at least would like to be on a good day
  • You are awake, curious and playful

I’ve done some stuff

I don’t have a lot of fancy degrees or prestigious awards, but I’ve done some interesting stuff, and learned a lot along the way. Random stuff like:

  • Graduating grade school from a rural two-room school house – two rooms, eight grades, 20 classmates, one teacher
  • Teaching skiing since I was 19 years old (a while ago)
  • Getting fired from my first and only waitressing job (thus ensuring my completion of college)
  • Managing an RV camping resort in the beautiful Methow Valley (fired from that one too, thus ensuring my return to the city)
  • At age 25, earning significantly more in commissions than the president of the bank for which I worked (thus ensuring being told to ‘tone it down a bit‘ – a reoccurring theme)
  • Taking a bunch of workshops (including but not limited to these, these and these)
  • Leading a bunch of workshops (including but not limited to these and these) – where I was thankfully not told to ‘tone it down’
  • Coaching a bunch of people
  • Being a nationally-ranked, top-producing sales person, generating more than $92,000,000 in business annually
  • Chucking all that to become a writer
  • Being happily, gainfully employed as a full-time writer for more than 11 years
  • Considering chucking all that to become a full-time blogger
  • Speaking in “the big room” at the Microsoft Conference Center to more than 900 attendees, and being invited back
  • Being a member of the inaugural cohort group of the University of Washington’s Master in Communication – Digital Media (waaaay back in 2003)
  • Starting and ditching a handful of blogs before this one
  • Finally figuring out what I came into this world to say

PS: Just watched a Seinfeld rerun called “The Pony.” Please don’t hate me, but I have to admit – I also had a pony.

Some stuff I do now

  • Climb stairwells of skyscrapers for fun, fat-burning and fitness
  • Teach and coach people to have their way with words
  • Write and edit web content and customer communications for small businesses
  • Write and edit web content, customer communications and technical documentation for large businesses
  • Develop content strategy for small businesses
  • Mountain bike on steep, twisty, rocky, narrow trails for challenge, sanity and serenity
  • Teach skiing for love of the sport and snow

I hope you will

  • Enjoy what’s here
  • Subscribe and come back
  • Connect with me and Little Gods on Facebook and Twitter: me, Little Gods
  • Share with friends
  • Hire me


19 responses to “About

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    • itsleisa

      Lyman – Thanks so much for your kind and generous words. Now I’m really wishing I hadn’t delayed on sprucing up that ‘About’ page. That little ole petunia just keeps teaching me.

  2. Love this “About”!!! Really truly love hearing the ALL of it!

  3. What an awesome “about” page!! Poetic, even.

    Since I am a word nerd in a couple of those categories you mentioned, I’ll be back :).

    By the way, I, too, have started a few blogs and would like to blog full-time. Not sure which message/issue/topic/skill/niche (you name it) to pick!


    P.S. Are you going to participate in the Oct. blogging challenge? I would love to keep up with you next month. I am hoping to do better at getting around to more blogs, more regularly.

    • itsleisa

      Thanks Jeanine –
      I really like your tea & meditation theme. Did you know that Gary V in his book “Crush It” specifically calls out Tea as a huge opportunity for blogging? Don’t know if I am going to do another 31DBB right away – mainly because I just joined the A-List Bogger’s Club, and want to start using the time to work through those materials. But for sure, now that we are connected I want to stay that way.

  4. Leisa,
    Came over from A-List Bloggers and I have to say I LOVE your about me page. This gives a great overview of your story, but you have lots of fodder to write your little stories in your posts.
    I may point one of my daughters your way. She likes to have her way with words, and calls herself a lexophile!
    See you at bootcamp!

  5. Visiting from A List Bloggers… what a terrific about page! I’ll be back for more! Often. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m definitely a half full kind of gal…

  6. Nice About page. I like it.

  7. Guys like it, too!
    I found your About Me/Story to be:
    –and more.
    Loved the way you broke this into precise Sections, all of which are entirely skimmable. Great energy, Leisa.


  8. cate503

    Wow, you have caught me with your “About” page. Very interesting and definitely makes me want to read more, which is a gift in the world of blogging. I will send me daughter to your site as well, as she loves to write. I am also here from A List Bloggers. Love it! Cathy @ http://treatmenttalk.org

  9. Jessica

    Hi Leisa! I know you from around LE, and recognized your photo on your Twitter feed which I saw on a friend’s list of “following…” Anyway I just started with A-List Bloggers and wanted to say hi. This is a lovely blog, I am very impressed and look forward to exploring. I’ll say hey next time I see you around the Center! (I’m a Course Supervisor.)

  10. Hi Leisa,

    This is completely inspiring–I’ll be lurking around your blog often!

  11. Leisa,

    I enjoyed our brief talk at WDS. I like your site and your ‘words’. I am working at getting up to your level.

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