52 things I know about words (and you should too) #5 Words Connect

According to Malcolm Gladwell, I’m a Connector – with a healthy dose of Maven thrown in. Who am I to argue with  best selling author and trend-setter, Malcolm? Connector sounds spot on to me. It almost certainly explains why I am such a fanatic about blogging and social media –  they provide unprecedented opportunities to meet and connect with a limitless array of fascinating, brilliant and inspiring people who (due to a myriad of reasons; geography, vocation, social status, ect.) would be otherwise out of my reach.

True to the connector profile, one of my greatest joys is bringing amazing people together.

If you know me, you’ve heard me say “Oh, you should know X – you two would totally hit it off.” or “Oh, you are working on Y? You really have to check out Z – she is doing really great work about that.” I’ve also been known to throw some pretty kick-ass parties, for the sole joy of seeing people from different corners of my world meet.

When two people that I’ve introduced hit it off – “Oh, wow – he is so great.” and “Did you know that X and I both …?” – and I get to see that special spark of a new friendship or alliance just waiting to happen – it’s one of the most fulfilling things I know.

Anais Nin said it best, I think:

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

That’s my moment. When due to a connection I’ve fostered, I get to see a new world born.

So it’s only natural that having found and connected with so many truly exceptional people through this blog and related Facebook and Twitter endeavors over the last year, I would want to find a way to share them with you all.

And…since this is a blog about the power of words, what better way to introduce you than by way of asking them to share their unique relationship to words and the power language?

The world of One Word Wednesday is born.

In this weekly series, I will introduce you to the people that I have learned from, been encouraged, inspired and amused by, hope to emulate, and just plain like.

In doing so, I aim to give rise to many new worlds being born.

Here’s a preview of some of the questions I’ll be asking:

  • What one word describes you(and why)?
  • What one word describes your mission, or your message(and why)?
  • What one word would you give to your audience – like a superpower (and why)?
  • What’s your ‘go to’ word? The one that you can always count on to rock your day, or turn the moment around if you are not on your game?

Check back next Wednesday for the first installment. Same bat time, same bat channel. In the meantime, I’d be delighted to hear your answers.



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9 responses to “52 things I know about words (and you should too) #5 Words Connect

  1. Your DAD

    Very sweety. Keep up the good work.

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  3. It’s time for the connector to shine and since you’re doing something so natural and essential to who you are, that has others shine right along with you. How great is that?

  4. Leisa, I just read your last three articles. Happy belated birthday. I love how you’re celebrating 50. I’ve always enjoyed More magazine because it encourages women over 40 to embrace life. I’m fascinated by the stories of new beginnings. Lives usually start changing at this age because we grow more confident, more sure of our choices – and more aware that those choices create the life we’re living (or are going to live in the future). We start taking responsibility for our happiness. Maybe it’s spurred by the heightened awareness of “time.” Whatever…. anything that gets us closer to living more in line with who are, is a very good thing. So… more “words”… more encouragement… more examples of embracing life (no matter what your age) are so important. I’m glad a gracious connector that’s done some serious soul searching, like yourself is taking it on – you’ll make it beautiful. You go girl!

    • itsleisa

      Denese – Thanks for those kind and beautiful words. They don’t call you ‘encourager’ for nothing! Would love to feature you in upcoming weeks. : )

  5. India

    I’m looking forward to the words. A word that rock my world right now is “Adventure.”

  6. I recently read The Tipping Point and absolutely loved it! I too associate most closely with the connector profile with a sprinkling of salesman thrown into the mix. One Word Wednesday is a great concept. Of your questions, the one that caught my attention the most is what superpower I would like to endow my audience with. That’s a very thought provoking question; I think what I would like to be able to empower my readers with is the ability to see beyond their current circumstances. To paraphrase Stephen Mitchell (translater of Tao Te Ching ) Whether going up or down the ladder, your position is precarious. To be able to stand on solid ground is where true lasting power resides. I look forward to reading this series.

  7. wow! that is one of my favorite moments in life also… seeing the spark that goes off when connecting two people and a new link is born. picking up on both their positive energies is so fulfilling.
    thank you for the quote by anais zin, those words say it all.
    my one word right now is “courage.”

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