50 weeks of 50 – A new beginning of being

A few weeks back, I promised to share a bit about a milestone birthday. Well, now that it’s been and gone, and the reaching of that milestone is a fact rather than an event anticipated, I can finally say without equivocation that I’m 50 years old!

No longer turning 50, coming up on 50, dreading 50, or anticipating 50. But actually just 50. Whew! Seriously. I may have wished that I could’ve taken it in stride like any other day or birthday, but the run up to the actual event turned out to  have a mind and force of it’s own that would not be denied. (To those in my inner-circle, many thanks and much love  for your patience and generosity. For those of you spared my day-to-day machinations over the last few weeks, count yourselves fortunate.)

This milestone has prompted me to take a new view. To evaluate my life so far, and engage a fresh perspective on what lies ahead, and what I am committed to creating and contributing to the world.

In light of all that (and in an attempt to redeem myself from  the nuttiness of turning 50), I’ve decided to chronicle my one-year journey of “being” 50.

I’ll spend the year observing and experiencing life through the prism of my elevated bucket list. Here’s the updated list.

I’m calling it my ‘Being Bucket-List’.

1. Love everyone.
2. Acknowledge everyone.
3. Forgive everyone.
4. Live with heart, humility and passion.
5. Inspire strangers.
6. Leave a legacy worth celebrating.

Inspired by a reader’s comments, I’ve added one more to the original list – Inspire strangers. This one really resonated because it seems the perfect reminder for me to reach out beyond the familiar and comfortable confines of close friends, family and colleagues, in order to engage with people and life in a larger, more expanded way.

Each week, I’ll be reporting on what I have done, learned, observed and experienced in these areas. It’s my hope that by doing so, I will be moving toward fulfilling on them all. I’ll be honored to have you join me for the ride.

Photo: Bernat Casero



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8 responses to “50 weeks of 50 – A new beginning of being

  1. Love it! Shine on you crazy diamond creatrix!! For my self, I have cultivated a divine offering from which to live my life: Use my knowledge, experience, skills and gifts to magnify & celebrate love every where I find myself. : ) And yes, sometimes magnifying love requires a dance through the shadows, but that, too, is love yearning to BE.

    And, many of expressed to me that this decade — 50 to 50 — holds unprecedented wonders and wisdom. Enjoy!


  2. Welcome to the 50’s. I’d been told by many that the 50’s are truly fabulous. New freedom, well-earned wisdom and a perspective it’s impossible to have at 25. So far so good and I’m a few years into them…

  3. As always … so inspirational! I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to print out your list and hang it in my office as a reminder. I too often get tunnel vision on the tedium of my life. Thank you so much for always sharing!

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  5. Adrianne

    I love strangers.

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